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About ALSIB 2020


Click here to learn more about this historic international flight project

ALSIB 2020 Flight Plan


Click here to learn more about ALSIB 2020 Flight Plan  Route. (image courtesy of Alexander Dolitsky Alaska-Siberia Research Center - Juneau AK)



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Follow The ALSIB 2020 Flight


Click here to follow the BRAVO 369 / ALSIB 2020 flight team in real-time, hear live communications and view an interactive display during their historic flight around -the-world. (Coming in 2020)

Testimonial Videos


Click here to see what historians, museum curators, educators and others are saying about BRAVO 369 and the ALSIB 2020 project

ALSIB 2020 Partner Cities Project


Click here to learn how American, Russian and Canadian cities are working together to support the ALSIB 2020 project while creating new diplomatic opportunities

ALSIB Project Recognition


Click here to see a copy of the Congressional Record of the 114th Congress reconizing the BRAVO 369 Flight Foundation for its work on the ALSIB project